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About Us


Georgia Pet T.A.I.L.S., Inc. works to prevent the abuse, neglect and abandonment of animals by promoting responsible pet ownership, providing the highest degree of care, and advocacy for pets by making decisions based upon what is best for the individual animal.


Georgia Pet T.A.I.L.S., Inc. (GPT) is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal welfare rescue organization dedicated to helping pets in the Georgia community. We solely function from donations and  adoption fees. None of our board members or volunteers are paid.  Unlike most other rescues, our focus is directly on pets that are not yet in shelters. It is our goal to help reduce the number of pets who ever see the inside of a shelter by helping pets in low-income homes, on the streets and in crisis situations.  We are a foster-based organization that primarily serves the Metro Atlanta and North Georgia areas.

GPT was officially formed in July of 2015, and while our rescue is a new(ish) organization itself, our members are not new to this work! Our volunteers all have extensive knowledge of the pet world and different skills that are brought to the table. GPT is very dedicated to our own personal pets and those around us in the community.


We mainly provide assistance for vet expenses and spay and neuter, as well as, rescue efforts for crisis situations. We are a licensed rescue and take in pets that we come across in our efforts to keep them from ever reaching the shelter doors. We solely assist pets that are in homes, stray or have been abandoned/in crisis situations. Our main focus is any animal, no matter their condition, to help be the animal they were born to be.  Happy, Safe, Loved, Vetted, Fed and Spayed/Neutered.

We provide pet education and resources to the general public. If we have the resources available, we are able to provide supplies to those in need. We assist in investigation of neglect, illegal breeding/selling and violation of pet laws. We do not publicly expose anyone who is reported. We report them to the proper authorities and in some cases, may use their situation to push for law changes or stronger county enforcement.


We do not have a physical facility, as we use fosters to care for all of our rescue animals. We are based out of North Georgia and our rescue license is held in Bartow County.

All of our rescue pets are in foster-based homes throughout the North Georgia & North Metro Atlanta areas. We cannot operate without the support of our members and the general public!

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